It’s really hybrid virtualization security

Finally I have some time to write about The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, the BlackHat version of Chris Hoff’s work in progress by the same name.  Since I have not actually heard the talk, I am only relying on the published presentation which gives me a lot of creative freedom …

First, this is probably the best overall tour of security in virtualized environments I have seen. Obviously it is not a technical paper but rather a (very necessary) propaganda  instrument.  The “Guidelines” at the end (pages 159-175 of the version linked above) are a nice hands-on summary of  where we should go. That propaganda is necessary and confirmed on a daily basis by conversations with VMware users. It is not uncommon to operate thousands of VMs in a single LAN without any separation.

Based on my fairly large sample, it basically boils down to whether networking and security specialists are involved in setting up the virtualized environment. More frequently than not, neither specialty is on board.

What I liked best in the technical area is the classification of security approaches (on pages 78-118, my numbering):

  1. No security (the dominant reality, see above)
  2. External security
  3. Virtual security appliances (VSAs)
  4. APIs (basically what will be in VMsafe)

This is mostly a tour that clarifies what can be done, spiced with a heavy dose of VSA-skepticism. Given that I (among other things) build VSAs for a living, it is a bit surprising that I mostly agree with him: VSAs actually have a fairly limited scope – and a number of problems.

My take is that we will run hybrid environments that combine all of the above for quite a while, with (2) the most important for now, and (4) catching up (as long as VMsafe is not released there are not many API-based options). (1) is, of course, unsatisfying, but a pretty dominant reality and (2) is really only completing the picture (but the heavily touted cases such as securing VM-to-VM traffic are mostly of theoretical interest).


One Response to “It’s really hybrid virtualization security”

  1. Christofer Hoff Says:


    That’s a concise and valid summarization of my talk 😉

    Your take is exactly what I end up saying: (d) All of the above…with the extension to more and more interesting controls being integrated into the VMM’s to deal with virtualization security…

    Further, check out the slides on IO Virtualization and the blog I just wrote about SR-IOV and direct attach hardware….ech.

    Thanks for the ping.


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